Where horn quotes become immortal.

Maria Komorowski:(to a group of children) THERE'S THE DOOR!

Snigdha Got Stuck in the Bathroom:
Snigdha got stuck in the bathroom
Now she must live in the bathroom
Snigdha got stuck in the bathroom
Now she must live in the bathroom

Other verses:
Snigdha had sex with a roomba
Now she must live with a roomba

Snigdha Sharma: Don't slap the virginity!

Adam Davis: That's why it pays to live in Narnia, the townhouses.

Meghan Roblee: Donut man, donut man, why did you have to turn into a rooster?

Jordan Gless: I would lick Andy Iles armpit. OH BUT HE'S SHORTER THAN MEEE!

Katie Shaw: I don't want herpes on my forehead!

Sean Hardy: Caucasians and their music...

Susie Lai: Baffroom, iffaca, frodown, erffquake.

John Flanagan: King Triton has huge nipples. Like Pepperoni.

Jessie Taft: Do these dove chocolates have sappy sayings in the wrappers?
Sam Dean: Yeah, like "Chocolate will never leave you."
Jessie Taft: Bullshit... It'll leave out my butt in 12 hours.

Amanda Steckel: Sorry. (54 times in 3 hours)

Alex Simpson: I'm not drunk, I'm cake.

Jessie to Sam: Learn to English!

The John Flanagan Song
There once was a man named old John Flanagan
He was up to his shenanigans
Tied it down but it flew up again
Poor old Johnny Flanagan shenanigans

Other verses:
Drank it down and threw it up again
Went to lunch and came back late again
Read about Pokemon by the fire again