Sean Shell

2015 Horn Co-Section Leader
2014-2015 Marching Band Uniform Chair
Class: 2017
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
College: Agriculture and Life Sciences
Major: Animal Science

Sean "The Humor Judge" Shell is an obsessed fan of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird, is an awesome baker of rainbow cakes, and kinda likes animals I guess.


Sachi Koide

2016 Horn Co-Section Leader
Class: 2018
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
College: Arts and Sciences
Major: Biological Sciences

Sachi is an all around lover of cute animals, especially pandas.


Snigdha Sharma

2015 Marching Band Uniform Chair
2016 Horn Co-Section Leader
2017 Spring Pep Band Conductor
Class: 2018
Hometown: Olathe, KS
College: Arts and Sciences
Major: English

Snigdha Sharma, Sniggie Smalls, Sniggu, Snigs: the woman, the myth, the legend. Born in Liverpool England, raised in Olathe, Kansas and current resident of Philadepliha, Snigdha is a woman of many talents. When she isn't rockin' it on the horn (which she didn't pick up till coming to Cornell, by the way) she can be found playing violin in Chateau's bluegrass band, being a writing tutor in a broom closet, volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega, or enjoying a nice, relaxing rap-along with the entire Hamiliton soundtrack.


Adam Davis

Class: 2018
Hometown: Holland, PA
College: School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations

Adam loves following sports, writes online blogs for the Cornell Daily Sun, and fascinated with certain a political figure.

Kristen Rose

Kristen-Rose Baxter

2015-16 Marching Band Publicity Chair
2016-17 Marching Band Alumni Relations Chair
Class: 2018
Hometown: Gibsonia, PA
College:Agriculture and Life Sciences
Major: Biology

KR is our lovely resident Horny-Flute! She plays horn in pep band and piccolo (and sometimes horn) in marching band! Fun fact, her parents actually met in the BRMB!


Brandon Smith

2017 Horn Co-Section Leader
Class: 2019
Hometown: Boonville, NY
College: Arts and Sciences
Major: English

The realest Brandon in the Ivy League!


Maria Komorowski

2017 Horn Co-Section Leader

2016-17 Pep Band Historian
Class: 2019
Hometown: North East, PA
College: Human Ecology
Major: Nutritional Science, Pre-Med

Maria "Grape Queen" Komorowski hails from the hometown of Welch's grape juice, and in addition to marching band is a member of Less Than Three a-capella and is Interfaith co-chair of the Cornell Catholic community.


Lauren McBrearty

Class: 2019
Hometown: Rocky Point, NY
College: Arts and Sciences
Major: Italian and History

Lauren is a lady of many interests! Fluent in Italian, her other hobbies include soccer, dance, and teaching! Ask her to pronounce "Saucy" for you.